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Mathematical correspondence seminar PraSe (Prague Seminar) is a competition for high school students and in general for anybody who is interested in maths.

Participants are given various sets of problems during whole year. They try to solve it and send us their solutions. We mark and correct them and send them back together with the official solutions, comments and new sets of problems. Results and new sets of problems are available online.

There are also plenty of seminar-related activities, where you may for example meet organizers and other participants.

Why to participate?

Problem solving helps you gain many mathematical skills. You will also get some insight into various domains of high school mathematics. Last but not least, you will learn how to approach problems in an unusual way and how to precisely formulate your ideas and conclusions.

The seminar serves as a preparation for maths competitions (e.g. IMO) and also for future study of mathematics.

However, the most important aspect is to enjoy maths and have good fun while solving problems.

How to participate

If you want to participate in PraSe, just send a solution to any current problem. You can join in anytime during the year.

You can find detailed information about the competition in the rules.

Camps and prizes

The best thing about PraSe is its camps. Camps are eight-day long meetings for the most successful participants which take place twice a year. You will learn many useful things, enjoy a great programme including lessons, games, sports, competitions, playing the guitar and meeting like-minded people.


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address Korespondenční seminář
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Mathematical correspondence seminar is orginized by students of Faculty of Mathematics and Physics CU under the patronage of Computer Science Institute of CU and Public Relations Office CU.